Frequently asked questions

Billie Cup is a range of re-usable cups working with a deposit system within a community of retailers.

The Billie range comes in 4 cup sizes:

Billie Cup 0.12l – brown

Billie Cup 0.2l – brown

Billie Cup 0,3l – light blue

Billie Cup 0,4l – cream

To match the cups, we offer lids in 4 different colours (light blue, brown, cream and berry red). These lids fit the 0.2l, 0.3l and 0.4l Billie Cups.

Contact us (contact form) and we’ll get you started in a week.

That’s the plan: Billie Cups everywhere. The system works better when more locations participate. All locations are mentioned on our map.

Together with your first order, you receive materials to explain your customers how the Billie Cup system works. This includes displays, a sticker and a poster. We also provide you with a digital photo map and articles to use on social media and in newsletters.

Gladly. The system works better if you only use Billie Cup and it’s a clear message to the customers. But we understand that you might need a transition period in which both disposables and Billie Cups are offered.

That depends on your business and the amount of takeaway. You should at least order as many cups as you make taekaway drinks in a week. We advise you to multiply that number by 1.5 to have a small back-up stock.

To keep the deposit system as simple and recognizable as possible, our cups only come in three fixed colors: cappuccino (small cup), skyblue (medium cup) and cream (large cup).

Yes, we have lids in four different colors (sky blue, brown, cream and berry red). They fit the Billie 20cl, 30cl and 40cl.

Just like the cups, the lids are made of PP. They are reusable, however, they are not part of the deposit system. They are meant to be sold to end-consumers.

It is not compulsory to offer them. 

Nothing. Billie cups are cost-neutral. You pay 1€ per cup and become a partner. You get the 1€ back from your customers when they lend out a cup.

We do not impose a minimum order quantity. However, for environmental reasons, we prefer to send parcels with at least 50 pieces, regardless of size. Indeed, we would like to minimize unnecessary transport.

Absolutely not. Our cups are available in three sizes: 8,5 oz (cappuccino) 10 oz (skyblue) and 13,5 oz (cream). You choose which size you need for the drinks you serve in your business.

The relationship between the hospitality partner and the end user of the cups is VAT-free. In the cafés, only  1€ deposit applies.

After receiving your order, we prepare the cups for shipment. Delivery takes a maximum of five working days.

Our cups are suitable for all domestic and industrial dishwashers. You can also wash them by hand.

No, each Billie Cup Partner commits to lending out and exchanging cups for 1€ deposit. All the locations accept returns.

Billie Cups are not a gadget but an alternative to disposable cups. It is not our intention to sell empty cups. Customers can be required to order a drink for each cup they want to lend out.

The lids are reusable but not part of the deposit system. The lids are sold. Unlike a cup with a smooth surface, a lid with grooves and edges is difficult to clean and dry. For reasons of hygiene, people also prefer their own lid.

We sell the lids to our partners for 50 cents. We ask all locations to sell them to the customer at the same price. 

We guarantee a minimum of 500 washes per cup. If the cups are carefully maintained, they can be used up to 1000 times. At the end of their life, we take back the old and broken cups for recycling.

With Billie Cup we focus on daily take away, but we have all kinds of solutions for events, renting included. Contact us for more info.

When the cups are worn out, you can send them to us so that we can recycle them.

We ask you to take these Billie Cups back and return them to us for recycling. But you don’t have to pay back any deposit for broken, damaged or heavily soiled cups.

This smells a bit like fraud: theft or illegal use on small events. Please get the contact details and report this to us. As a partner, you are not obliged to accept more than 20 Billie Cups at a time.

Billie Cup is a neutral and independent system. Branding is not possible.

If you’re looking for personalized cups, Contact us for more inf

Our cups and lids are made of 100% recyclable polypropylene (PP). 

3 reasons why this is the most sustainable choice:

  • Long life: PP cups are strong and durable. They can be used over 500 times. We can keep them in our deposit system for a very long time.
  • Eco-friendliness: compared to other materials, PP performs best when it comes to energy consumption in the manufacturing process and recyclability.
  • Comfort: Billie Cups can handle all types of dishwashers and hot drinks.They are user friendly and taste neutral.

Billie Cups can be borrowed and returned to all participating locations (for a refill or to get the deposit back). The customer doesn’t have to buy the cup. So he doesn’t have to remember to bring it and walk around with it all day.